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On a sunny Florida day back in 2020, on her way to the beach, Founder/President and CEO Patti Katter was opening her mind to business ideas. She wanted to set herself free from the labels that defined her and limited her potential. Her time was now. She knew her purpose was to create a symbol of independence, freedom, patriotism and strength. On her way to the beach, she was driving with her windows down in her car, daydreaming of the beach as the wind blew through her hair. She started to envision this beautiful mermaid. A symbol that would become a beacon to all to remember they are capable of what they desire in life, and a reminder for all to run wild with freedom and to cherish our beautiful nation that many have fought so desperately for.

The Patriotic Mermaid LLC has been Patti Katter’s way of demonstrating that the entrepreneurial spirit is strong when you put the hard work in. Patti has been through a lot of trials and tribulations in her life but nothing can hold her underwater. She has lived her whole life witnessing acts of patriotism and what it means to serve our country. Patti served as a Police Reservist in Michigan and she is the granddaughter of a Retired Police Officer, the daughter of a Deputy on the Sheriff Department Mounted Unit and a wife to husband who was wounded while serving in Iraq while in the Army in May of 2007. Being labeled as a caregiver was one of many labels that rested heavily on her shoulders. Even though she wears it with pride, caregiving was not the label she wanted to be known for. She wanted this new business to encompass what she stood for and to sing red, white and blue. Which takes us back to the beaches of sunny Florida where the The Patriotic Mermaid was washed up at sea and brought to life by Patti Katter.

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